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Trade your way with our unmatched peer-to-peer technology and increase your capital by buying, selling, and managing Bitcoins within minutes. Our open-source software design lets you operate independently without the intervention of any central or banking authority.

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New to Bitcoin? Want to learn more about it? We will be happy to help you! Our FAQwill cover all the common questions that users usually come up with. It will clear your doubts, still, if you wish to clarify anything, our support team is always there for your service.

  • The cryptocurrency with no physical appearance, no banks or government prints is the first decentralized online currency. As there is no intermediary, transactions take place directly between users through cryptography.
  • Under the open-source license, Satoshi Nakamotodesigned Bitcoin. When you are using it for the first time, you must know how Bitcoin works. Blockchain technology powers Bitcoin. To send and receive BTC, you need a wallet, and for that, you should install the Bitcoin Rush on your device. Your wallet has unique and encrypted letters and numbers that are only linked to your installed software. Millions of computers called nodes are part of the Bitcoin Network, and all the transactions in this network are stored in the electronic and decentralized database.Every node in this network verifies the transactions. After verification, these are then stored in the block, and when it is full of transactions, it adds up in the blockchain. This blockchain has a complete history of all the transactions that have taken place till date.
  • Blockchain holds digital records of the cryptocurrency transactions taking place. Here individual records are known as blocks, and when they are linked together intoa single list, it is called a chain. Thus the process got its name as the blockchain.
  • You can buy Bitcoins, or get them for some services, or can even mine them. Bitcoin Mining is very important and is the backbone of the network. In its absence, the security can be compromised as the network can become dysfunctional if it getsattacked. So miners have a huge role in maintaining the security as well as for confirming the transactions. JoinNow Miners can keep the network secured only by solving the various computational problems. So, mining can be done only through specialized computers.
  • Bitcoin trading is open 24 by 7. You can spend as much time as you can to understand how Bitcoins work and how you can earn profits. Soon you learn the smart tacts of making money with Bitcoins, the earlier you can become wealthier.
  • The United States, Australia, Canada, the European Union, Germany, Bulgaria, Zimbabwe, Mexico, Argentina, Jamaica, Cyprus, Brazil are some of the countries where Bitcoin Trading is legal. But there are some countries like Canada, India, and others where banks ban it. So, it is not necessary that the government of the particular country is promoting virtual currency if it’s legal there.
  • Yes, the fee involved is “Miner’s fee.” When you send Bitcoins, this fee is paid to theminers. This is to verify and secure all transactions within the Bitcoin network.
  • No, you cannot lose them. But if you lose the private key or your wallet, then it is impossible to recover it back. In such scenarios, you can lose your Bitcoin as it is now out of circulation forever.
  • Yes, it is legal. But these regulations vary as few nations are yet to legalize it as a valid digital currency. So, it is necessary to go through your country’s rules and regulations before trading with Bitcoins.
  • Bitcoin Wallet is software where your Bitcoin’s private key is stored. You can access the stored key or communicate with the network only through this wallet.
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